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Theory and Practice in Medicine, 2016, 22 tomas No. 5

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Liubov Kornilenko, Irina Arechvo

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Key words: temporal bone tuberculosis, persistent otorrhea, facial nerve palsy.
Temporal bone tuberculosis is a rare condition with a lack of disease-specific signs. Due to the rarity and variety of clinical manifestations, tuberculous otitis media is requiring a high index of suspicion among otologists. To increase awareness of this condition, we report the unique recent case of bilateral aggressive tuberculous otitis media. The disease presented as an unspecific purulent otitis media. In spite of the conventional treatment with systemic and topic antibacterial and antifungal preparations more suspicion symptoms occurred: sudden disappearance of the ossicular and tympanic cavity mucous membrane, nodular granulations in the middle ear cleft. Unspecific otomastoiditis without sclerotic changes and scutum destruction was radiologically diagnosed at the beginning. Facial palsy and osteomyelitis of the temporal bone with sequestration were estimated. The diagnosis was put forward basing on the clinical symptoms, computed tomography data and reactivated pulmonary tuberculosis confirmed by pulmonologist. Thorough history with special emphasis to the previous lung tuberculosis is crucial for establishing of the correct diagnosis.

DOI: 10.15591/mtp.2016.071
Submited: May 30, 2016
Accepted: June 23, 2016
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