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Theory and Practice in Medicine, 2009, Vol. 15, No. 4

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Audronė Astrauskienė, Valerijus Dobrovolskis, Rimantas Stukas

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Key words: students, prevalence of psychoactive substance.
The purpose of  this work was  to evaluate  the prevalence of psychoactive  substance use among  student  in Lithuanian high schools.
The study was carried 2007–2008 year. The target group – Lithuanian high schools full-time training, the first-fourth rate students. Sampling was subject to a random sampling method. 1025 students of Lithuanian high schools were participating in interview. The survey was carried out in the direct interview method, according to a standardized questionnaire, which was adapted and used in the general population survey of the European countries, interviewing residents. Analyzed alcohol, tobacco and drugs among students compared by sex and age. The data is reported based on frequency of use of psychotropic substances (prevalence of use): lifetime prevalence (LTP); last year prevalence (LYP); last month prevalence (LMP).
The obtained results showed that smoked students in Lithuanian high schools over the last year prevalence is 44,1 percent, smoked in the last month – 40,8 percent (44,1 and 38,4 percent, respectively). The study received alcohol LYP and LMP in 18–19 age group rates (91,6 and 80,7 percent) is higher than the population figures, which were obtained in 2004 study: LYP – 85,9 percent, LMP – 71,5 percent. Indicators of hashish or marijuana users prevalence is: LTP – 31 percent, LYP – 16 percent in LMP – 6 percent, higher than population rates. More males, compared to females, used cannabis. In addition to student use of cannabis is the most popular drugs are amphetamines and ecstasy – though once they are used, respectively 6 and 6 percent.

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