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Theory and Practice in Medicine, 2009, Vol. 15, No. 4

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Eugenijus Lesinskas, Silvija Jočinskaitė-Butkienė, Mindaugas Petrulionis

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Key words: ceruminous glands tumours, adenocarsinoma, ceruminoma.
Tumours arising from the ceruminous glands of the external auditory canal are rare head and neck tumours. The ceruminous glands tumours have long been known as the term „ceruminoma”. There is a controversy about these rare tumours regarding their histological classifi cation, their origin and the importance of treatment.
The case of ceruminous glands of the external auditory canal is depicted in the article. The set of the disease originated as the idiopathic face paralysis of the right side, hearing impairment, objective findings- an aural polyp arising from the inferior- posterior cartilaginous ear canal wall as well, as changes  in temporal bone computed tomography were non specific. The pathologic finding of biopsy tissue has confirmed diagnosis of a high-grade adenocarcinoma of ceruminous gland with distant  metastasis in the liver.
Peculiaritys of diagnosis, treatment tactics of the patient are reviewed in the article.

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