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Theory and Practice in Medicine, 2015, Vol. 21, No. 2.2

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Henrikas Ramonas, Tomas Januškevičius, Mantas Grigutis

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Key words: Vilnius University, history of urology.
The establishment of Medical College in Vilnius University in the second half of the eighteenth century arose assumptions to the progress of surgery, when the preparation of doctors began, many hospitals and clinics were established. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, when the University of Vilnius was closed, the development of urology was closely integrated with the surgery at that time both teaching the students and organizing work in the surgical clinic. Personalities stood out, who have mastered the treatment of urologic diseases more perfectly, a number of urology dissertations have been defended.
During the interwar period the university of Stephen Bathory in Vilnius and the university of Vytautas Magnus in Kaunas created structures necessary for the studies of surgery, which provided the opportunity to develop urology. Introductions of urology innovations, even the specialization of clinical work is typical for that period. Dissertations with the analysis of scientific aspects of urological patient treatment were defended in both universities. The activity of universities was interrupted by fateful political events and war, pedagogues were lost, work of clinics and hospitals was disturbed. Specialization is typical for the third phase of the development of urology at the University of Vilnius, when departments, later clinics and centers are formed for the study of urology. This gave a propulsion for the establishment of departments of
urology in the university hospitals and the preparation of pedagogue collective. Undergraduation and postgraduation study practice arose in the main clinical bases of the university, assumptions were formed for systematic scientific activity. Three development stages of urology in Vilnius university, characterized by periods, have the unity of academic and scientific activity. This trait is inseparable from the progress of idea.

DOI: 10.15591/mtp.2015.021
Submited: January 15, 2015
Accepted: February 26, 2015
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